Alternate Australias – eBook

Jared Kavanagh edits a collection of short stories set in different Australias.

What if what we call Australia had become largely Dutch? Could Australia have led intervention in unexpected African conflicts? What adventures might Napoleon Bonaparte have had as he sought to colonise it before the British? Could a space programme launched Woomera have reached the Moon? How might the Emu War have gone differently?

It’s time to turn Down Under upside-down.

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The Anthology includes the winner of the International Sideways Award for Alternate History (short form) ‘Moonshot’ by Matthew Kresal, as well as my own story which was also shortlisted for the same award, ‘1827: Napoleon in Australa’. It includes stories by:

  • Simon Berading
  • Liam Connell
  • Wm. Garret Cothran
  • David Flin
  • Andrew J. Harvey
  • Jared Kavanagh
  • Matthew Kresal
  • Peter Rhodan
  • Natasja Rose
  • Colin Salt
  • Steven H Silver


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