Vortex on Vertu Prime (The Portal Adventures #3) – signed paperback

Thrown back in time on a strange planet, Tania, Mark, and Windracer’s only hope of getting home is a bossy, alien teddy bear called Edward. But with Edward’s power levels dangerously low, the three friends must somehow reach the temporal warp generator which is causing the time-shifts and turn it off—before it destroys the planet.


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The last thing Tania needed was someone else telling her what to do. Her mother did enough of that! But during a school trip to the museum she somehow finds herself gaining a bossy, alien teddy bear called Edward. Created to serve as a bodyguard for Li-otho, a young, alien princess, Edward had recently escaped from the stasis bubble he had been sealed into centuries before.

With the beginning of the holidays Tania, Edward, and her friends Mark and Windracer join Tania’s mom on Veral Station. But the Station is a wreck, and three children (and Edward) are quickly packed off to a 5-star hotel on Veral Prime. The hotel, occupies part of the planet’s sole remaining arcology; a massive, pyramid-shaped, self-contained city. The arcology is all that remains of a planet-wide civilization that destroyed itself in a war centuries before. Edward is shocked on their arrival to discover that Veral Prime is his former home, and that it was his failure to stop Li-otho’s kidnapping that started the war.

When the archaeologists at the hotel accidentally activate a temporal warp generator Tania, Mark, Windracer, and Edward are thrown backward through time. With Edward’s power reserves dangerously low, it is up to the three friends to reach the generator and turn it off before it destroys the planet.

This book will be signed by the author.


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